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Auburn - Volleyball Camps

Rick Nold Volleyball Camps
What to Bring (Resident Camper): Please bring sheets, pillows and towels to camp!


TEAM TOURNAMENT: July 12th - 13th
TEAM CAMP: July 13th - 15th
TEAM CAMP & TOURNAMENT: July 12th - 15th

Medical Form

Who: Varsity, JV and Freshmen teams are invited. (minimum of 9 players to attend the team camp or tournament)

Location: Student Activity Center, Auburn Arena, and Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum

Team Camp Description: Have your entire team attend camp together!  Skill development, team offense and defense, and team bonding are the focus of camp in addition to competitive matches and drills.  Your team will be assigned a court coach who will train the team for the duration of camp.  Coaches are encouraged to attend and receive instruction specific to the needs of their teams.  The camp is open to Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.

Team Tournament Description: A 2-day tournament with high schools from the entire South region, this format will give coaches a chance to see their team(s) in action and get a head start on the season!  With both round-robin and play-offs this format will quickly group your team with other schools of similar level and ability.  Elite teams will be able to challenge for bragging rights against the strongest programs from other states, and younger teams will get valuable playing experience prior to the season.

Refund Policy: Cancellations before June 13th, refundable amounts will be granted. The $300 deposit is non-refundable for all camps. Cancellations after June 13th, no refund.


JULY 12TH - 13TH
Commuter Price: $55
Overnight Camper Price: $80

Warner Robbins Varsity (GA)
Chattahoochee High School 9th (GA)
Chattahoochee High School JV (GA)
Chattahoochee High School Varsity (GA)
Kinston High School 9th (AL)
Kinston High School JV (AL)
Kinston High School (AL)
Lamp High School JV (AL)
Lamp High School Varsity (AL)
Mosley High School 9th (FL)
Mosley High School JV (FL)
Mosley High School Varsity (FL)
Chlesea High School 9th (AL)
Chlesea High School JV (AL)
Chlesea High School Varsity (AL)
Alabama Christian Academy 9th (AL)
Alabama Christian Academy JV (AL)
Alabama Christian Academy Varsity (AL)
Central High School 9th (AL)
Central High School JV (AL)
Central High School Varsity (AL)
Elmore County High School 9th (AL)
Elmore County High School JV (AL)
Elmore County High School Varsity (AL)
Harris County High School JV (GA)
Harris County High School Varsity (GA)
Lee County High School 9th (GA)
Lee County High School JV (GA)
Lee County High School Varsity (GA)
Opelika High School Varsity (AL)
Thomasville High School JV (GA)
Thomasville High School Varsity (GA)

JULY 13TH - 15TH
Commuter Price: $250
Overnight Camper Price: $300

Bethlehem Christian Academy 9th (GA)
Bethlehem Christian Academy JV (GA)
Bethlehem Christian Academy V (GA)
Buford High School 9th (GA)
Buford High School JV (GA)
Buford High School Varsity (GA)
Ider High School 9th (AL)
Ider High School JV (AL)
Ider High School Varsity (AL)
Heritage High School Varsity (GA)
Holtville High School 9th (AL)
Holtville High School JV (AL)
Holtville High School Varsity (AL)
Walnut Grove High School Varsity (GA)
Brookwood High School Varsity (AL)

JULY 12TH - 15TH
Commuter Price: $305
Overnight Camper Price: $380

Briarwood Christian School 9th (AL)
Briarwood Christian School JV (AL)
Briarwood Christian School Varsity (AL)
Troup High School 9th (GA)
Troup High School JV (GA)
Troup High School Varsity (GA)
Sylvania High School 9th (AL)
Sylvania High School JV (AL)
Sylvania High School Varsity (AL)
Saint James School 9th (AL)
Saint James School JV (AL)
Saint James School Varsity (AL)
Mill Creek High School 9th (GA)
Mill Creek High School JV (GA)
Mill Creek High School Varsity (GA)
Ocean Springs JV (MS)
Ocean Springs Varsity (MS)
Houston Academy 9th (AL)
Houston Academy JV (AL)
Houston Academy Varsity (AL)
Madison Academy 9th (AL)
Madison Academy JV (AL)
Madison Academy Varsity (AL)
Mountain View 9th (GA)
Mountain View JV (GA)
Mountain Varsity Varsity (GA)
Summit High School 9th (TN)
Summit High School JV (TN)
Summit High School Varsity (TN)
Lambert High School 9th (GA)
Lambert High School JV (GA)
Lambert High School Varsity (GA)
Pike Road School 9th (AL)
Pike Road School JV (AL)
Pike Road School Varsity (AL)
Allatoona High School 9th (GA)
Allatoona High School JV (GA)
Allatoona High School Varsity (GA)
Oxford High School 9th (AL)
Oxford High School JV (AL)
Oxford High School Varsity (AL)
St. Joseph's Varsity (SC)
Mountain Brook High School Varsity (AL)
Southwest Dekalb High School Varsity (GA)

Rick Nold Volleyball Camps
250 Beard Eaves Court
Auburn, AL 36849


All camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender.